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What's the difference between community involvement and volunteer work?


  1. Jayne says READ MORE BOOKS says:

    They can be the same thing – they have a lot of overlap. If you have volunteered for any local organization, then you have been engaged in community involvement. If you have volunteered for organizations that don’t serve your specific geographic area, you have been involved in the "Global" community. If you have served on a city or county government committee, or attended community events, or helped register voters, then that’s community involvement.

  2. Kay says:

    I think community involvement is just what it is, being involved in your community to make it better. That could include the city-held events that you’ve volunteered for, or being part of a parade, participating in town meetings, fundraising, planting trees for Arbor Day, getting your business/workplace involved in an event, bringing arts to a low-income school, etc. And volunteering would probably just be working for some kind of charity or organization to help better a certain group, i.e. animal welfare, the homeless, tutoring kids, etc.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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