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What color on the wall goes best with dark brown furniture.?


  1. wannabe says:

    Sounds like you have a beautiful piece of furniture and lots of design choices, since dark brown, especially when nearly black, is neutral and goes with almost any color scheme.

    The design issue with a large, dark-colored sectional is that it can dominate the room and make the room appear dark. The primary goals would be to lighten things up and integrate this large swatch of dark brown with the rest of the design. The first link, below, gives some tips on how to do this.

    To brighten the room, many recommended that you paint the walls a light color. If you go this route, you will need to bring dark brown/black back to the walls and floor with picture frames, the pattern in your curtains, etc., and bring the lighter colors to the couch with throws, pillows or other accessories. Another option for making the room brighter is lighting. As you can see from the second link, below, even a chocolate brown can work if you have huge windows, metallic textures or mirrors that reflect light, and lots of uplighting.

    Have also attached links that show how others have combined different colors with a dark brown sofa. Since you have so many options, thought you might like the links that show different styles, e.g. modern, cottage, etc, which could also have a great impact on the color you choose, and how different colors reflect your personality.

    Good luck and have fun decorating!

  2. robert S says:


  3. Funkyschiit says:

    You would not want anything dark if you have dark furnishing. I would go for ivory or some off-white colours for contrast… but if you want something a little more coloured, you could go for very pale hues of green or mustardy yellow?
    You could also go for a retro 70s look with a bit of wall paper in white base with may be a bit of the retro colour scheme (the reds, whites, browns, oranges, lime green etc)… if you are into that sort of stuff.

  4. Jim says:

    Blue. Here is a picture of the color blue we have in our living room. We also have dark brown furniture, although I couldnt find a picture with blue walls and dark brown furniture.

  5. Lauren says:

    Hi Holly,
    You have such an open palette of colors to choose from, lucky you!
    Consider which way your room is facing . If the room is facing South you can choose a Cool to Neutral color, perhaps a Light Sage Green, a Taupe or light Grey.
    If the room is North facing you may want to opt for a warmer tone such as a Tuscan Yellow gold, a deep rich warm tan, choose your colors in the warm shades. All of the mentioned colors will look beautiful with your furniture which sounds to be in the espresso color ( my Fave :o )
    PS: East rooms have limited amounts of natural daylight while West facing rooms have beautiful afternoon sun.

  6. Bobbie L says:

    light tan or an off white

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