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Has anyone ever seen a guy wearing pantyhose in public?


  1. Stacy Mariko says:

    i have! i was shopping at Ala Moana shopping center here in Hawaii and stopped at the food court for a bite to eat with a friend. The guy sitting next to me was wearing suntan colored pantyhose! I was intrigued! lol…. i just started up a conversation with the guy and he wasn’t fazed at all by the topic! i had no idea that there was a market for *censored*’s pantyhose! he said that he’s been wearing them for a couple of years now and that they help his legs feel better. i even asked his girlfriend who was sitting across from me if i could feel his legs, she laughed and said "sure!". lol… he was dressed really nicely, polo shirt, khaki shorts, suntan pantyhose, socks and sneakers. it was a nice look! his legs were shaved too, so that helped. if he was hairy underneath… yuk! i can’t imagine all that matted down leg hair…. *shivers*. anyway, with less and less women/girls wearing pantyhose now days, the hosiery companies should target the guys… why not? it’ll just cost them a few advertising and some r&d dollars. anyway, you can check out the entire incident on my myspace blog… this happened a couple years ago.

    thanks for posting the question!

  2. toby says:


  3. -x-ChriStIne-x- says:

    yes! i saw a guy with a camo mini skirt on and panty hose at a gwen stefani concert once….lol. i think it’s pretty disgusting that society has turned out the way it has. i mean cross dressing? that is not right.

  4. Nikki says:

    The last time I saw a man in pantyhose was in the 80′s. Guys used to wear them sometimes with the short shorts. It looked ridiculous then, and that goes double for today. It strips a man of his masculinity, and anyway, what the heck is the point? No woman is walking around checking out your legs. They will however be BLINDED by seeing a guy in pantyhose. That’s my honest opinion.

  5. robink71668 says:

    No, I have never even heard of this, how weird is that. I wonder what purpose it would serve for *censored* to wear them, except maybe in the winter to stay warm. Unless they are like a ted hose which would help varicose veins.

  6. emma says:

    Yes!! My friends and I were using my cell to call one of my friends parents to ask something in the middle of the street about a month ago and we saw a man wearing pantyhose with jogging shorts and x-hi top converse sneakers with a black t-shirt and ear phones in here ears. It was hilarious and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a cross dresser or anything.

  7. Greeneyed says:

    you already asked that!!
    and yes, under jeans to keep warm.

  8. CJ says:

    I have seen this numerous times, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Why is hosiery only for women? *censored* used to wear tights as part of high fashion in England and Europe generations ago. Male ballet dancers wear them. Heck, athletes wear thin, almost sheer tights and leggings for performance reasons and as part of their uniforms. I live in southern California where fashion is very diverse, so I’ve seen it from time to time, and I also happen to have two buddies of mine who are obsessed with hosiery and like to wear pantyhose and tights, either under their pants, or with shorts, etc. They both like wearing them to the gym with shorts, and to be honest, their shaved legs with suntan or black pantyhose look pretty damn good!

    Anyway, I would love to know why the people making the nasty ridiculing comments above, think that *censored* wearing hosiery is a bad thing. To each his own. Let people express themselves the way they see fit, and in this case, I think it’s great.

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